What would it take to plan a trip to play on Murcia golf courses?

What would it take to plan a trip to play on Murcia golf courses?

Would you like to make the most of your holidays to play golf in Spain?

It can also be the other way round. You can enjoy the amazing experience of a playing on Murcia golf courses while having an unbeatable few days of tourism and leisure. Golf breaks in Spain, Murcia in particular, can be made to last as long as you like, and at practically any time of the year. That’s what is so good about this region. Its mild climate throughout most of the year lets you make the absolute most of your time.

Golf breaks in Spain

What can you do on a four-day, three-night, all-inclusive golf holiday?

If you put your trust in Caddiespain, you’ll need only worry about getting to your destination. Once you land, we take care of everything. Many visitors fly into Murcia, which means the first day will be all about settling in. We arrange transfers to your hotel from the airport, before enjoying a welcoming dinner and receiving all the information about your stay.

It won’t be long before you have the chance to take those clubs out of the bag. After breakfast on the second day, you’ll be taken to one of the 22 Murcia golf courses (a total of 348 holes) to play a full round, with a 30-minute practice session included. You can always regain your strength after the game with lunch, before getting ready to discover Murcia, the region’s capital. Its landmarks and amazing cuisine will await you on your second afternoon.

All inclusive golf holidays

Playing golf in Murcia is a great idea because, among other things, all its golf courses are only separated by about 35 km, which makes it easy to design an all-inclusive stay. On the third day, you’ll get to know a different course, allowing you to test different skills to those needed the day before.

After lunch, we can take you to another of the Murcia region’s most important places, Cartagena. You’ll have the chance to see the most emblematic of its sights, making as many stops as you like. There’s so much there for you to see.

Murcia golf courses Spain

And on the last day? Unfortunately, this will be the time for you to say goodbye to the climate, food and golf courses of Murcia. After your third consecutive day of golf (always with a 30-minute practice session), we take you to the airport, with the hope that we will be able to see you again soon.

And how about a 9-day stay?

As we mentioned, you can make your stay last as long as you like. We are certain you’ll have no shortage of golf and leisure options in Murcia. Regardless of how long you plan to stay, Caddiespain generally always devotes the first day to having you settle in: pick-up from the airport, check-in at the hotel and welcoming dinner, to give you an unforgettable start to your experience in Murcia.

Golf breaks in Spain

As you’ll have come to play golf, the second day will be the time to take out the clubs and get in a full round. By choosing this longer option, you’ll be able to repeat the experience on seven different golf courses.

That’s right, only seven. Bear in mind that the fourth and seventh days will be set aside as rest days. And what are the ideal plans for a golf-free day? As you’ll see, we make sure you don’t get bored.

  • You’ll visit every corner of Cartagena, with as many breaks and stops as you need. In the afternoon, you’ll get to know La Manga del Mar Menor, with a spectacular end to the day: sunset and dinner at Cabo de Palos.
  • You will be travelling to Jumilla to spend the seventh day doing something completely different. A visit to the heart of the wine-producing area and its wineries, before sampling the wines paired with your lunch. This will be followed by a visit to the must-see emblematic places in the town (Plaza de Arriba, church of Santiago, Calle de la Feria and historic centre, Vico Theatre, Jardín del Rey don Pedro park and gardens, and the monastery of Santa Ana). A night at the hotel will enable you to recover your strength before heading back to the golf course.

Wine Tour. Murcia golf courses Spain

Golf in the day, sightseeing at sunset.

But don’t fret; you’ll only have to put away the clubs on two days. The rest of the time, including the last day, you’ll be travelling to a different golf course every day. You’ll find that Murcia’s climate is unlike that found anywhere else. The air is warmer and denser, which means that the ball faces less resistance as it flies. So you’ll be able to bring out the best in yourself and your game every day.

Murcia golf courses Spain

After playing in the early part of the day followed by lunch to regain spent strength, you’ll be taken to visit different sights in the afternoon. Although there is a wide variety of options, we recommend spending a few afternoons in the city of Murcia. You’ll need more than one afternoon to take in all its monuments, enjoy the gastronomic experience of a tapas tour or soak in the atmosphere of its streets and squares.

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